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Member Testimonials


Education Manager; Spain

'What's so special about The Adult Learning Hub is how it has been designed for educators to share successes and challenges. Beyond merely networking, the platform provides a safe space to put ideas out there for feedback, discuss trends in learning and offer solutions to problems. It's great to have someplace dedicated to continuing education for adult educators, specifically.'


Education/Publishing professional; UK

"I haven't previously found a space like this online. Within The Hub, I have participated in several of the monthly masterclasses. These have been excellently presented by experts in the field of adult education and promote lively and thoughtful discussion on the monthly themes. I have really enjoy the monthly themes. You get the opportunity to discuss in depth topics with fellow members. And you always come away having learned something new.


Adult education consultant; USA

"I'm excited about the mission of The Adult Learning Hub. There's tremendous potential for us to grow together as an international group of adult educators. I truly believe that understanding how adult education works from basic literacy up through workforce development and executive coaching can help us shape the future of the field and improve outcomes for all learners.'

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