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During our complimentary introductory period - we are giving you 3 months free - 

from June 1st to September 1st, 2021!

What do you as a member benefit from?

  1. Access to The Adult Learning Hub members-only app (compatible with iOS and Android devices; also accessible on a desktop). The platform is intuitive, fun and easy to use. We do this purposefully off of social media, so you can have a quiet, exclusive area to share and interact with other like-minded practitioners on topics that are important to you. It's like a community of practice in your pocket...that you can access any time, anywhere.
  2. Monthly, expert led, 'Masterclass' series with world-renowned thinkers, academics, learning leaders and game changers in adult education (combination of live & recorded sessions)
  3. Regular networking and best practice sharing opportunities through direct messaging with other members, online discussions and live-collaboration tasks (our favorite!)
  4. Career and job opportunities, just for adult educators/practitioners. If you are a member, and you have a job opening, this can be posted within the community.
  5. Curated content and academic articles contributed by key voices in adult education and life long learning.
  6. Share your own content & get feedback in a safe environment in our 'Community Mirror' space. The more you interact and contribute...the more valuable your experience is with The Adult Learning Hub.
  7. All of this, and so much more!

See official pricing below (starting from September 2nd, 2021)

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The Curious Learner (charged monthly)

Full access to our members areas, expert led webinars, curated content, annual conference ticket, and monthly newsletters.


The Passionate Learner (20% discount; charged once)

A one time purchase, with full access as above.

$129.00/year ($10.75/month)