Member Application

How to apply:

The Adult Learning Hub is a professional community, away from the distraction of social media, exclusively for adult educators and practitioners. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who joins us in membership is there for the right reasons and gets the most out of their experience with us. 

In order to be a member, we ask you to:

  • Demonstrate a curiosity towards adult learning & improving your practice, in a community of like-minded peers
  • Fill in a short application, showing how you are responsible for the learning of adults, either in a community context, educational institution, or corporate environment
  • Not be afraid to share your stories, experiences and ideas with other members, as the Hub becomes more and more valuable with each and every person that joins
  • Be respectful, open-minded and enjoy learning from others


  1. The application process should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete, and can be done from a mobile device or desktop computer. 
  2. In order for us to determine your eligibility for membership, you will answer 5 questions. This helps us to assess whether or not this community is a mutual fit or not. Once completed, please wait up to 24 hours for approval from our community administrators.
  3. You will then receive a notification email and be prompted to join and download the app. Click the icon below to start:

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