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The Adult Learning Hub

A vibrant app-based membership community, exclusively for adult educators and practitioners

Thriving together in a changing world of work.

'This is the only international community I am a part of where I feel like we all speak the same language...the language of adult learning.' - Current member

The pandemic and our changing world of work has resulted in rapid learning across all sectors across the globe. The field of adult education and lifelong learning are now on a more global stage, where educators and organisations now do things differently. But, where do we go from here? And how can we sustain this momentum?

Enter....The Adult Learning Hub. We are a vibrant, app-based international community, bringing together passionate adult educators and practitioners in academic settings, community contexts and corporate environments around the world. Together, we are more confidently navigating our ever changing world of work; building better habits to support our professional growth; and developing a more informed and flexible approach that meets the needs of the diverse learners we serve. 

What we offer

Learning on the go

We are the first global app-based membership community for adult educators. Our members enjoy an exclusive community, on an easy to use platform (for Android and iOs). You get exclusive access to cutting edge Masterclass talks with leading experts in the field, moderated discussions and internal messaging with members; job and career opportunities; and exciting collaborative activities and professional development to take advantage of. 

Connections in unlikely places

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and operate in a number of unique settings - from corporate environments to private sectors; academic environments and community organisations. They live/work all over the world. They are language instructors, programme facilitators, learning professionals, online course creators, and academics - you name it, we've got you covered!

Global Perspectives

While other associations are based regionally, serving a particular sector or working under the same assumption, the Hub offers multiple perspectives from global experts and academics in diverse settings. We are not interested in competing with other associations, but simply in providing focused content that meets the needs of adult educators specifically, providing better outcomes for them and their learners.

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